Travelling Australia
Wayne & Pam BENTLEY

Sunday 10th April 2005 to Tuesday 12th April 2005

Sunday 10th April 2005

A very quite day today, with the bedclothes being given a wash and another couple of minor repairs/improvements being made to the caravan and fridges in the Patrol.

Lunch saw us drive down into the main street of Port Broughton and find a Fish and Chip shop that provided us with two pieces of 'Butter' fish (whatever they are) and chips for $7. Although there could have been more of it, the fish was quite nice and the chips were fresh and crisp.

After feeding our faces whilst watching some boats come in and out of the bay, we visited the local cemetery where we said Hi to a few of the old town identities, however they didn't talk back to us. Then we drove out of town and around the bay on some back roads where we took a photograph of the town from a distance.

On our return into the town 'One of Us' was shouted to an ice cream and the 'Other One' kept her company whilst she devoured it. By this time it was almost 3:pm so we returned to the caravan where the web site was completed, e-mails written and books read until it was time to prepare the snacks for consumption at Beer O'clock.

We think we have seen most things there are to see around Port Broughton and shall move on in the morning to Tanunda, which is in the middle of the Barossa Valley.

Port Broughton - across the bay

Monday 11th April 2005

Today saw us get ready to move at a leisurally pace and finally departed Port Broughton at about 9:25am. We headed off down the road to Bute and on to Kulpara where we turned left on the way to Port Wakefield. From there we headed east to Balaklava where we stopped and had a walk around the streets. While on this walk 'One of Us' discovered a cafe that sold Cornish Pasties so guess what we had for lunch.

From Balaklava we turned south through Owen and Hamley Bridge before eventually finding ourselves on the Sturt Highway and approaching Nuriootpa. The woman on our Navman decided to take us on a short cut to Tanunda, but when we found ourselves facing a gravel road, and quite a narrow one at that, we decided to return to the highway and went through a little place called Greenock before arriving at Nuriootpa. It was then just a short hop down to Tanunda where we settled in at the caravan park and were quite impressed with both the park facilities and surrounds.

After setting up the caravan we made inquiries about a wine tour of the area and eventually settled on a day tour in a limousine. This tour will be taken on Wednesday and includes a good number of wineries, lunch and champagne and nibbles in the limo between stops. 'One of Us' is getting really excited about this one, the 'Other One' will just take it in his stride!!!!!!!!

We then took a walk into Tanunda, which is only about 500 metres from the caravan park. There was a huge range of attractions for 'One of Us' and before we returned to the caravan, she was getting a bit concerned that she might not have time to experience all of them, particularly the cafes and restaurants.

Tomorrow will see us investigating a little more of the town and surrounds and preparing ourselves for the wine tour the following day. Tonight will see us enjoying a bit of the local produce before and with dinner.

Welcome to Tanunda

Time to get started

Tuesday 12th April 2005

Up and about by about 7:00am and ready to set out on a drive around the Barossa Valley, however it was close to 10:00am before we eventually drove out of the caravan park. (Well you can't rush these things!)

After driving out of the caravan park we took the first turn that we came to and after a good few kilometres we discovered the road wasn't taking us where we thought it was going to. We then set up 'Bossy B' (Navman) and she took us through a number of very scenic back roads on the way to Lyndnoch.

From here we decided to go to Gawler to fill up with diesel, which we managed to do a a Coles Shell Service Station at 118.5 cents per litres after the 4 cent discount. $103 later we drove around Gawler then 'One of Us' remembered a large shopping centre at Munno Para which was only a few kilometres south of where we were.

Once in Munno Para and the shopping centre, 'One of Us' led the 'Other One' around all the shops in the centre before making a pilgrimage into the KMART store. We struggled out of this store and down through the shopping centre until we cam to the food hall and that was as far as 'One of Us' would go until the 'Other One' bought a geed supply of Subway sandwiches and a chocolate chip cookie for lunch. (Guess who had the cookie!!!)

We then made our way back through Gawler and onto the Barossa Valley Highway. This took us back to Tanunda via a plethora of vineyards and the small towns of Lyndoch and Altona.

On return to Tanunda, we drove through the town again and 'One of Us' directed the 'Other One' into a small bakery where she went in "just to have a look". It appears there were some cakes in there just calling out her name and she just 'had' to buy them, so afternoon tea consisted of a very large slice of strawberry sponge cake filled with layers of fresh strawberry cream, and that wasn't all that was bought from that bakery....

On return to our caravan we found that Graham and Sue (caravaners that were parked beside us in Port Broughton) were parked alongside us again in Tanunda Caravan Park. This was a pleasant surprise and we have been informed it calls for a glass of wine with them at Beer O'clock. I guess we have to get in some practice for the wine tour in the morning!

'One of Us' is really happy
Munno Para Shopping Centre

Barossa Vines vineyard Entry Statement