Travelling Australia
Wayne & Pam BENTLEY

Wednesday 4th May 2005 to Friday 6th May 2005

Wednesday 4th May 2005

Jack Brabhams 1960 winning Cooper Climax


It is easy to guess what we did today after we managed to complete our usual morning rituals such as a cup of tea in bed etc.

At about 10:15am we took a drive with the intention of going past the Phillip Island Race Way.

On arrival outside the race way we noticed a sign that said visitors welcome and pointed to a visitors centre, so the decision was made to see what it was about. Our immediate thoughts were that we had a son-in-law (or two) that would not forgive us if we bypassed this opportunity without taking a photograph or two.

The Visitors Centre was bigger than we expected and included a cafe and a range of marked clothing items.

They were marked in two ways, first they had the Phillip Island Circuit embroidered on them and second, the price was marked up quite considerably.

The Front Straight past the Pits


The Winners - Standing on the Podium


Wayne Gardiner's 1987 winning Honda 500cc

Inside the centre was a museum or display of old racing vehicles and motor cycles along with a considerable amount of information about the circuit's past history. To get into this display required the payment of an entry fee, however for an additional $4 we also took a guided tour over the circuit grounds. This included the viewing area, control room, pit garages, media rooms and finally we even made it onto the winners podium before returning to the Visitors Centre. Unfortunately the podium did not have a lot of room to allow photographs from any distance, however if it was good enough for Wayne Gardiner it must be good enough for Wayne Bentley... Although 'One of Us' has little interest in motor sports, she was 'blown away' with this tour and being shown around this icon. It is situated near the ocean and is in a very scenic location, not that the riders or drivers would have much time to look at the scenery.

After leaving the Race Circuit we drove up to Cowes where we bought fish and chips for lunch and sat in the Patrol, looking out over the channel to the mainland whilst we ate them. Then came a visit to a shop or two that 'One of Us' declared were her kind of shop before entering Coles to pick up some more supplies to keep us from starving. Having bought the ingredients for pumpkin soup, we then had to call in to the local Retravision Store and purchase a 'stab blender' to puree the soup when it was cooked.

All these activities took us almost four hours and that is a lot for a pair of oldies like us, so it was back to the caravan in plenty of time to prepare the web site and for 'One of Us' to make the soup and try the new 'stab blender'. Life is tough isn't it...

Thursday 5th May 2005

This morning we woke to a sky that was mostly cloud with a few small patches of blue showing through, however as the day wore on the patches of blue disappeared and around 1:pm it started to rain and remained that way for the rest of the day.

As we were expecting the weather to become a bit more inclement, we decided a quiet day was in order and only planned to visit the Vietnam Veterans Museum that we had seen as we came into San Remo. This was only about 2 or 3 kilometres from the caravan park on the mainland side of the bridge over to Phillip Island.

It was close to 11:00am when we drove over to the museum and on entering we were welcomed by one of the volunteers that staff and run the place. The entry fee was in the form of a gold coin donation, however donations were welcome. Inside the museum consisted mostly of photographs, weapons, equipment and some dioramas depicting what it was like in Vietnam during the ten years or so Australia was involved in that war.

When we were leaving the volunteer staff member advised us that what was on show was only a small part of what they have but due to the space restriction in the building they were in, they could not display many of the larger items. The museum is relocating in the near future to a much larger building at the airport on Phillip Island which will allow them to display a lot more of these museum pieces.

By the time we left the museum it was starting to sprinkle a little so we returned to the caravan park for the afternoon with the idea of a little rest and recreation, such as eating such things as fresh bread with pumpkin soup followed by apricot pie and cream and then just general snacks during the afternoon for a change. Tonight 'One of Us' is cooking up a roast of pork and all the trimmings and the role of the 'Other One' is to enjoy eating it.

Vietnam Veterans Museum - San Remo

5.56mm Armalite automatic rifle

Friday 6th May 2005

Still overcast this morning, however it doesn't appear to have rained for quite some time. The thermometer told us that it was 12 degrees around 8:30am so it wasn't too cold last night.

Breakfast consisted of toast and a number of eggs so our cholesterol rating must have taken a jump, nevertheless it tasted great.

We were not in a hurry early in the morning, however we had a change of plan and decided we would drive down to Wilsons Promontory as we were not stopping there on the way up to Lakes Entrance.

At about 11:10am we headed out of the caravan park and drove the 130 kilometres to Tidal River via Wonthaggi, Inverloch, Fish Creek and Yanalkie.

Entry in to Wilsons Promotory National Park cost $9.50 per vehicle and was well worth that and more. The drive into the park was around and through some mountains covered in very thick bush land that only grew to about four metres high in most places. The Southern end of the Promontory was burnt out early in April this year and has been closed off to visitors, which meant we could only drive as far as Tidal River. We parked in one of the car parks and prior to walking down to the beach we were welcomed by two or three Kookaburras and some red parrots. They were extremely friendly and allowed us to get within a a matter of inches of them to take photographs.

Prior to leaving Tidal River we bought some hot chips from the cafe, then drove a short distance out to another car park where we sat in the Patrol whilst we ate them. Right through out snack and even after we had finished, we were the centre of attention to quite a number of these red parrots. One of them even sat on the outstretched hand of 'One of Us' for a brief period and this was all without any food being fed to them. They took it in turns to sit on the windscreen wipers and the open doors, even remaining there when the 'Other One' got out of the car to take a photo or two.

Once we said goodbye to the parrots we set off back to the caravan park again, this time taking a slightly different route via North Walkerville and up past Venus Bay back to Inverloch, then on to Wonthaggi where we called in to the local Safeway Store (Safeway are Victorian Woolworth stores). Here we purchased the ingredients for a Stir Fry for dinner, then filled up the Patrol with fuel ready for our trip up to Lakes Entrance in the morning.We eventually arrived back at the caravan at about 5:30pm and settled in for the night.

Driving in to Wilsons Promontory

Parrots eyeing off our lunch