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Wayne & Pam BENTLEY

Wednesday 1st November 2006 to Friday 3rd November 2006

Wednesday 1st November 2006

We when the website was published yesterday there was still a lot of excitement to go as daughter Kym and son-in-law Lee were flying in to Sydney airport at 6:30p.m. and we were going to be there to meet them and spend a bit of time with them before they fly out on their way home to Western Australia... Think we may have said that numerous times in the web site recently, but we have not seen them for over three months so are really looking forward to even the little bit of time we can have with them at the airport.

Getting there was a bit of a task as we drove there in the Patrol and we didn't have a street directory or an e-tag Toll card, se we set Miss Bossy to take us to the airport and gave here instructions to avoid any toll ways. This seemed like a good idea at the time, but we found that we would be cruising down the motorway with ease, then she would direct us into the back streets and we would wind our way around places we didn't know existed and didn't want to return to, then she would guide us back onto another highway or motorway further down the track. This went on for about an hour and a half before we arrived at the airport and found ourselves in a parking area that had a minimum parking fee of twenty dollars, regardless of how short our stay was.

Next we navigated our way into the domestic terminal and after passing through the security checkpoint we made our way up to the arrivals door that Kym and Lee's flight was due to arrive at. We had made it with about twenty minutes to spare, although their flight was about ten minutes late arriving, during which time Pammy became more and more excited.

Eventually the faces we had been dying to see came out around the corner of the arrivals door and there were hugs all around... (well Lee did get a hug from Pammy but only a hand shake from the 'Other One' as if he hugged Lee he might have ended up with a black eye!) The next hour Pammy and Kym had almost two hours worth of conversation (women can talk and listen at the same time!) and we heard a lot about Hamilton Island and their experiences there. They in turn discovered a little about our travels. Eventually our time together ran out and with some sadness, but also a lot of thankfulness that we had had the opportunity to meet up even for a brief time, we waved good bye with the promise that we will be home in three or four weeks to see them again.

Next came the return journey back to the caravan park in some kind of reverse procedure with much of our time spent in back streets not having any idea at all where we were, but eventually Miss Bossy took us back onto the Motorway we wanted to be on and directed us back to the caravan park without having to pass through any toll ways. After enjoying a relaxing drink or two and finding a snack to satisfy our needs, we eventually climbed into bed and closed our eyes, feeling quite exhausted, around midnight.

After the last few rather hectic days it was now time to move out of the Sydney environs and head a little further south down the New South Wales coastline. Having said that, we were pretty slow getting started and organised this morning so it was about 10:10a.m. before we had hitched up the caravan and driven out of the caravan park at Penrith for the last time.

Although we didn't really know where we were going to stop tonight, we made our way south through Appin, Woolongong, Dunmore and Minnamurra before stopping for lunch as a rest stop on the side of the highway. After our lunch break we continued down through Kiama, Berry, Bomaderry, Nowra, Wandandian, Cojoka, Yatte Yattar, Milton, Ulladulla, Termeil, East Lynne and Benandarah before arriving in Batemans Bay where we decided it would be a good place to stop for a couple of nights

After driving along the ocean front we pulled into an FPA caravan park across the road from a beach and booked in for the next two nights. After setting up the caravan we drove back down the street to a Woolworths store where Pammy had a little therapy, or at least we managed to buy some pork chops and other bits and pieces for dinner.

Tomorrow we will have a look around Batemans Bay but are most looking for resting up a little before moving on further south the following day, but right now it is time to make those pork chops fit for a Queen.. and maybe he will get some as well!

The Big Bird bearing family members
The Big Bird bearing family members

Pammy and her little girl Kym and Lee
Pammy between her little girl Kym and Lee

A view of the ocean not far from Kiama
A view of the ocean not far from Kiama

Thursday 2nd November 2006

The view over the bay from Tomala look out

From Tomaga Lookout 1
From Tomaga Lookout 2
From Tomaga Lookout 3
From Tomaga Lookout 5
From Tomaga Lookout 5
From Tomaga Lookout 6

This morning arrived after some light rain last night (not that we heard it) along with some cloud cover and the sun had gone on strike so it was a little cooler than we have experienced over the last few weeks. We even put the heater on when we woke, which is something that we haven't had to do for a while.

After some careful deliberation it was decided that it wasn't going to rain during the day, even if it was overcast and a bit dark, so whilst Pammy had a shower, the 'Other One' did his housewifely duties and took the washing to the laundry and started it off on it's cleaning cycle.

Then 'One of Us' was famished so the 'Other One' had to drive into the shopping centre to pick up a really large mushroom, some steak and bread to go with the bacon, tomato and eggs to cook on the BBQ for a late breakfast, although it really turned out to be lunch as it was about 11:30a.m. before we managed to sit down to a feast to last us for the rest of the day.

Around 12:40p.m. we drove out of the caravan park for a bit of a look around Batemans Bay and the surrounding area, first heading south along the coast road where we only traveled a short distance before we came to Mosquito Bay where we called in and admired the view and retained some of our memory in digital images. From here we had only been back on the road a couple of kilometres before we came to Malua Bay which had a small community there, including a hotel, small shopping complex and a quite a lot of houses owned by people who are fortunate enough to live in this part of the New South Wales southern coastline.

A little further south we came to Rosedale which came in two parts... North Rosedale and South Rosedale. This was a very small community living in the trees around a small beach with a rocky headland at either end. We had to wind our way around through the trees on narrow streets to find our way down to the bay, but wouldn't like to be there when a fire was raging through the bush land.

About 16 kilometres south of Batemans Bay we came to Guerilla Bay which was an interesting little community set on set around a small bay, once again set between rocky headlands.

About four kilometres further south we came to a bigger community named Tomaga Cove which we drove through and found our way to a lookout that looked over the beaches either side and out into the Pacific Ocean where the sign stated whales were often seen frolicking during their seasonal visits to the area. We couldn't locate anything that we could confirm were whales, but we thought we may have seen a splash or two that could have been.... Think we were kidding ourselves but who can dispute it anyway.... We took a number of photographs and some video footage before feeling a few spots of rain on our heads, knowing that out washing was still out on the clothesline, it was decided we had better head back to the caravan park and rescue the clothes before they became too damp.

It was almost 2:p.m. by the time we arrived back at the caravan park and although the clothes were still drying, they appeared to be fine so we left them on the line.... MISTAKE.... we hadn't been back in the caravan more that five minutes when the heavens opened up and a lot of very large rain drops came tumbling down out of the sky. With a rush some of the washing was saved from becoming too wet, but the smaller items ended up in the drier to be finished of.

Whilst Pammy looked after the drying process, the 'Other One' drove in to Batemans Bay and took a few more photographs of the water, bays and islands before dropping in to the IGA store and then a fish shop where two pieces of fish were acquired for dinner tonight.

Batemans Bay and surrounds is a very pretty place and has some beautiful bays and coves set in between rocky headlands with trees growing right down to the edge of the beaches. It is easy to see why so many people would visit these areas when they were on summer holidays and although we have had overcast skies and even a little rain, it was still very pleasant.

Tomorrow we will make our way further down the coast, possibly as far a Pambula for a couple of nights before heading up toward Canberra.

Typical Headland along the coast
Typical Headland along the coast

Batemans Bay at the town centre
Batemans Bay at the town centre

Batehaven Bay
Batehaven Bay

Friday 3rd November 2006

Around 10:p.m. last night we lost power to the caravan and then discovered the owner had turned it off as there were sparks flying from a shorting wire at the top of the power pole beside our caravan. After a little deliberation, we connected a longer power lead to the caravan and stretched it across an internal road to another supply that was still connected and this managed to get us through the night and remained in place until we left in the morning. All in all, although the caravan park was in an ideal location, there were few powered sites and there was a lot that could be done to improve it so if we ever pass this way again, we may choose a different park to stay in.

The morning arrived in a dreary way with the sun hidden behind a very overcast sky and everything wet from the drizzling rain that just seemed to continue non stop. We still thought Batemans Bay was a great holiday destination but it would have been so much better if our visit had coincided with some warm summer days.

Although it continued to drizzle, we managed to pack everything up and pull out onto the road by about 9:a.m. when we headed south along the coast road we had traversed the day before on our sight seeing drive. This time we continued for about 30 kilometres before turning left onto the Princes Highway once more and headed off in a southerly direction toward our final destination of Pambula.

The drive south took us through Moruya, Coila, Bodalla, Narooma, Tilba,Cobargo, Brogo, Bega, Wolumla and Pambula before driving out to Pambula Beach where we booked in to the Big4 Holiday Hub Beach Resort Park. This drive started out through some pretty good scenery, but the further south we drove the better it became. We found ourselves traveling through some quite mountainous country with tall forests that at times even ventured into light rain forests, then opened out to green pastures on the sides of sloping fields, many with black and white dairy cows producing tomorrows milk quota. In the distance there were high ranges of mountains with rain clouds masking their crests. Then we would drop down to cross inlets and lakes where towns and small communities nestled around the water, with yachts and watercraft moored in little coves. This drive would have been one of the most scenic we have negotiated on this trip.

On arrival at the caravan park in Pambula Beach we booked in for the next two nights and were taken to our powered site where there were kangaroos grazing and lazing around all over the place. The park fronts onto a sandy beach bay and has facilities such as a heated swimming pool, games rooms, mini golf, children's bouncing air blanket and a lot more family friendly activities and friendly service. It didn't take too long to set up and then have lunch of soup and toast before providing a little extra for one of the local kangaroos as well.

Around 2:15pm we headed out of the park and made our way in to Pambula where we made an examination of a pink shop called Toad Hall that was filled with craft and souvenirs, however she was quite disappointed because the only thing she could find that she wanted was a tea towel with pelicans and the name of Pambula on it. Next we went to a food store and found a couple of items we needed.

As we had a little time to spare we headed off down Princes Highway for another 20 kilometres and had a look around Eden, which is a pretty little town located on quite a large sandy bay with very picturesque surroundings. Right on the ocean front was the local cemetery and we don't think there would be another cemetery in Australia with such a prime location and great views. We stopped at the beach front and took a photograph or two and then drove around the town a little more before making our way back onto the Princes Highway and then all the way back to Pambula.

Just before arriving back at the caravan we were stopped by a local police patrol and had to undergo a preliminary breathalyser test which obviously gave a zero result. The young officer that conducted the test was extremely pleasant and after the test, the fact that we had something in common (Service in the Police Service) we had quite a good chat and we were wished all the best for the rest of our time here and our journey home to Western Australia. It was great to see the local police are on the job and making sure the roads are as safe as they can make them. The better the job they do, the safer we are whilst driving in their area.

After all this we arrived back at the caravan park and the wandering kangaroos at about 4:06p.m. and settled in for the rest of the afternoon. Tomorrow we intend to drive up along the coastal drive for a way and then maybe visit Bega again without the caravan behind us. However right now, having passed the breathalyser test and arrived safely back at the caravan, and as we are not driving again tonight, it is safe to participate in Happy Hour, as Pammy has her tongue hanging out and a very thirsty and expectant look on her face.

The kangaroos would take the food from your mouth
A 'Welcome to the Park' kiss from a kangaroo

Pammys favourite Pink Toad Hall
Pammys favourite Pink Toad Hall

Part of Eden's beach and headland
Part of Eden's beach and headland

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