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Wayne & Pam BENTLEY

Monday 3rd March 2008 to Wednesday 5th March 2008

Monday 3rd March 2008

Another slow start to the day today, however we did not have a great deal planned other than to farewell Kym, Lee, Kellie, Heather and Paul off when they left to return to Perth this morning.

They arrived at the caravan park around 10:am and after a chat and farewell hugs and kisses (alright,'the Other One' only kissed the girls!!!!)and giving us some ice-creams ( which didn't last long)! they left Greenhead around 10:30am and we watched them on their way out to the highway.

Not long after they had departed, we drove up to Leeman where we filled the Patrol up with diesel at $151.9 cents per litre before returning and taking our final customary drive around the bays near Greenhead, from Little Anchorage to Point Louise.

On our return to the caravan park we settled in for the afternoon, packing some of our gear up and making some preparation for our departure in the morning. A book was examined closely and very little extra energy was expended for the remainder of the day.

Dinner that night was a bit of a shock to the system as daughter Kym was not here to get it for us, so we had to forage in the freezer and find something to cook on our electric BBQ plate we carry for short stops.

Our journey in the morning was not a long one but we still needed our beauty sleep ('One of Us' says the 'Other One' needs a lot!) so it was not a late night, with lights out before

Little Anchorage South - North of Greenhead
The beach at Little Anchorage South


Tuesday 4th March 2008

After spending the long weekend in a full caravan park with people everywhere, it was a little different waking up to an almost empty park this morning, and we were reducing the numbers by one more caravan as we were off to Geraldton.

We managed to get everything packed up at our fiercely casual pace and were on the road by about 9:30am and making our way North along Indian Ocean Drive.

Our journey to Geraldton was quite smooth and unadventurous, particularly after some of the 4WD tracks we had been on over the past couple of days. The Patrol certainly looked the part as it was very dusty, dirty and had that well used look about it.

After driving along the coastal road up through Leeman we passed many small fishing 'villages' or more likely small groups of shacks before reaching Brand Highway and turning North through Dongara and Greenough before we arrived in Geraldton.

Our destination was the Sunset Beach Caravan Park where we set of for the next three nights with the idea of catching up with some relatives and maybe a little shopping before traveling up to Denham.

In the evening after a call from cousin Chris Turner, we made our way around to her place and met up with her husband Tony, Cousin Janeen, husband Chris and son Callum, and Cousin Danny, wife Vicki and son John, plus the Matriarch of this family, our favourite Auntie Marj. (Well alright, she is our only Auntie Marj, but we really do love her... She is a genuinely lovely person!)

There was a lot of talking over the course of the night as we don't see each other too often and we covered everything from the present to old times, even as far back as our Great Great grand father who was named Reuel Bentley. We enjoyed a great evening and a really good BBQ cooked up by Tony before calling it a day and returning to the caravan at about 11:pm for a good night slumber.

Memorail to HMAS Sydney
Memorial to HMAS Sydney located in Geraldton


Wednesday 5th March 2008

Not a lot to report today, just a day of relaxation and a small amount of work around the caravan. 'One of Us' decided to pull out our washing and put it through the caravan park laundry... Great idea Pammy, only one thing wrong... It started to rain when the clothes were out on the line.... Fortunately this did not dampen her spirits too much, well come to think of it she drinks wine, not spirits so she was happy. In the end the clothes dried out and after wrestling with an iron for a short time, everything ended up back in the caravan and packed away ready for another day or few.

After the washing was on the line, we went visiting to see Auntie Marj and to brag a little about our new grand daughter, little Leila whom we are heading up to Port Hedland to visit. with a false start and a forgotten DVD, we did manage to show off our little girl to some degree whilst at the same time, having an enjoyable hour or so before saying farewell for the last time on this visit to Geraldton.

Now one must not forget, Geraldton has shopping centres so they could not be ignored by 'One of Us' so into the Patrol it was and off to the nearest centre to check out how good they were. This took up a good part of the day and with "One of Us' feeling a little better after her 'retail therapy' we returned to the caravan park for the rest of the day.

Yes, we had a BBQ for dinner and then settled down to watch a little TV before retiring for the night. 'One of Us' kept saying we were 'one more day closer to our little grand daughter', but I'm sure she really wants to see our little girls parents as well!

Fishing Boat Harbour - Geraldton
Fishing Boat Harbour - Geraldton

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