Travelling Australia
Wayne & Pam BENTLEY

Thursday 22th April 2004 to Saturday 24th April 2004

Thursday 22th April 2004

We managed to get underway by 9:30am this morning and after a drive around the town, we set off out of Gundagai on the Hume Highway. A few kilometres down the highway (Five miles!) we pulled in to the 'Dog on the Tucker Box' parking area where there is a 'Tucker Train' a souvenir shop and of course, the dog sitting on the tucker box. We took a photograph or two before moving on again down the Hume Highway.

We then traveled through Coolac, Bookham then skirted around Yass and onto the Barton Highway, through Murrum and Bateman before arriving in Canberra. It was then on to the Federal Highway and back out of Canberra for about 10 kilometres before pulling in to the White Ibis Holiday Village.

After setting up and preparing the Patrol for two more passengers (removing the fridges etc.) we headed off into Canberra to fill up with fuel again, filled a gas bottle and called in to the Visitors Centre to obtain a map of the city and surrounds, along with some additional information on sights to see in the area. We then returned to the caravan where we sat outside in the warm evening air and enjoyed a quiet drink whilst watching the ducks and geese on the dam and kangaroos grazing peacefully on the green grass around the caravans.

The Dog sits on the Tucker Box
Five miles from Gundagai

Friday 23rd April 2004

Today is 'TL' Day and one that 'one of us' has been looking forward to for quite some time and the other one has to admit he was as well. Our Son Travis and his Fiance Lana are arriving in Canberra for a week long holiday with us.

After a lazy start to a beautiful warm day, the washing was done and hung out to dry and some paperwork caught up with before we took a drive to find the airport, then called in to the RSL Headquarters to find out details of where to form up for the ANZAC Day March on Sunday. We then continued on and drove past the National War Memorial before finding our way to the local shops in the local suburb of Dixon. Around three hundred dollars later we managed to extricate ourselves from that area with a vehicle full of food and a variety of drinks to keep Lana happy. (already have the beer!)

We returned to the caravan and organised the key for the cabin Travis and Lana are staying in before completing some more paperwork and giving the Australian Tax Office a little finance to keep their employees happy.

Then at 4:15pm the excitement mounted and 'one of us' managed to get the other one moving on the way to the Canberra Airport for that long awaited meeting of our visitors and the camel drivers tongue fired up again when she thought we were being held up by a truck. There was no way in this world that 'one of us' intended to be late for this appointment! As it turned out the plane was half an hour later than originally scheduled so we were there with plenty of time to spare.

On queue with their arrival, 'one of us' shed a few tears of joy but quickly managed to get over them as Kym had sent her a bag of nougat. Then a non-stop conversation started. It continued all the way into Canberra City while we drove up ANZAC Parade toward the War Memorial, then on via a number of roads through the suburbs until we found ourselves back on Federal Highway and heading for the caravan park again.

The waiting is now over, the first round of drinks are about to be sampled and another great day is coming to a close.

The long awaited arrival
Followed by tears and nougat!


Saturday 24th April 2004

A bit of a sluggish start today after a late night last night, sitting up until early hours this morning discussing a range of extremely important issues over a red wine or two. (Well the issues seemed to be extremely important last night!)

Departing the caravan park at about 10:30am, we headed off into Canberra city in search of some shops and a Target store. We drove through the city and over Lake Burley Griffin then around Parliament House before stopping at a small shopping complex within the suburb of Yarralumla to visit the bakery for a spot of breakfast.

After topping up with food, we drove back toward Parliament House and then did a lap of the embassies before traveling back through the city centre. We then headed out of Canberra city and visited the suburb of Fyshwick. After a drive around this suburb without finding a Target store, we stopped at a Harvey Norman store where some ink cartridges and photo paper was purchased.

It was off to New South Wales then and to the town (or city) of Queanbeyan where we located a shopping centre with both Coles and Target stores. After a casual stroll around the Target store we left the checkout girls with about $150 and took an electric blanket, water filter and alarm clock with us.

From Queanbeyan we headed back to Canberra, past the War Memorial again and up to the top of Mount Anslie where there is a lookout that provides views over Canberra city and surrounds. After a few photographs we descended the mount and returned to the caravan park for a brief rest before preparing to drive in to the Anslie Football Club for a play on the pokies and to have dinner there.

Tomorrow should see us start really early as the Anzac Day Dawn Service commences at 5:30am and the Anzac Parade starts at 10:15am. Perhaps an early night may be in order tonight.

National War Memorial, Anzac Parade
and Parliament House

Canberra City