Travelling Australia
Wayne & Pam BENTLEY

Tuesday 22nd June 2004 to Thursday 24th June 2004

Tuesday 22nd June 2004


Another day of stress and worry - for someone, but certainly not for us!

'One of us' did the washing again and informed the 'other one' that the next time she does our washing it will be in her own washing machine at home in Kalamunda.  He took that as an instruction, not a suggestion....

As we had some time to spare, there were a few adjustments made to the cables and fittings for the computer screen and the TV.  Then there was a draw runner to straighten, a gas flame to adjust, stains on the carpet removed, the interior of the Patrol cleaned..... Just no end to the jobs that need attention.

Then it was time to drive into Broome to get a gas bottle filled and the Patrol fueled up for the trip to Port Hedland tomorrow.  Then we drove out to have a look at Broome Port before returning to the town centre to purchase some Chicken Treat for dinner.

All this combined with sitting quietly in the warmth of the dying light of the sun with a cold drink to help sooth those overworked brain cells and over exercised muscles.

Port Hedland and Karratha - Here we come!

Jetty at Broome Port

Wednesday 23rd June 2004

Up with the stars again this morning, then under way out of the Caravan Park at about 6.15am. Wonders will never cease!

The journey from Broome to Port Headland was not very eventful or scenic for the majority of the trip, particularly after passing the Roebuck Roadhouse at the Broome turn off, only 32 km out of Broome.  The road was flat most of the way with periods of slightly undulating hills.  There was not the rugged break away ranges we had become used to in the Kimberlys and the kilometres just rolled past, each one much the same as the one before.

The first stop we had was at Sandfire, it was also the first sign of life after the Roebuck Roadhouse and traveling about 330 kilometres south of Broome.  'One of us' found a stubby holder and a couple of ice creams in the roadhouse that just had to be purchased.  We managed to have a cup of tea and cake in the caravan before 'one of us'  chatted up some Irish boys and took photographs of them (with their cameras).  The 'other one' had to drag her away so that we could get on the road again and on with our quest to reach Port Hedland.

We passed Pardoo Roadhouse without stopping as there was little to stop for, however when we reached the De Grey River we pulled off into an overnight parking area and enjoyed lunch not far from the river.  We put 20 litres of diesel in the Patrol from our jerry can and had a walk down to the river bank before moving on again.

The next stop was at the Cooke Point Caravan Park in Port Hedland where we booked in for the night.  After setting up we then took a drive around Port Hedland, filled up with fuel and then went out out to South Hedland for a look around before returning to the caravan for the night.

We plan a slower start to or drive down to Karratha in the morning and look forward to catching up with our niece Nikki and her family over the four nights we intend to stay there.

De Grey River and Highway Crossing

Iron Ore Loading - Port Hedland

Thursday 24th June 2004

Today started a little later than yesterday, in fact it was a leisurely start out of the caravan park at about 8.45am and down the road heading for Karratha.  The first part of the journey did not provide much scenic relief, however as we came closer to Whim Creek we started to drive through more interesting dark red stony hills and outcrops.

Whim Creek boasted a hotel, park for caravans and also a wildlife park, however we didn't stop because it would have taken time and 'one of us' would have been much wilder than anything in the park if the 'other one' didn't get her to Karratha to see Niece Nikki, Garry and the boys as quick as we could get there.

Under those circumstances the foot went down a bit harder as we traveled through more colourfull red stony hills until we came to Roebourne, about 40 kilometres east of Karratha.  This town has many historic old building in it, however again we didn't stop, this time because we intend returning this way to visit Cossack, Wickham and Point Sampson in the next couple of days.

It was then just a short drive to Karratha where we pulled in to the Pilbara Holiday Park (Big4).  'One of us' then rang Nikki whilst the 'other one' slaved away setting up the caravan for the next four nights we are staying in Karratha.  'One of us' then gave instructions to the 'other one' to get her to Nikki's place right then!  Which of course he did so without question....

After meeting up with Nikki and the boys (Tom and Jack - Gary was at work) we were invited to dinner with them tonight which was very gladly accepted.  We then did a little shopping ourselves before returning to the caravan for what remained of the afternoon.

We are looking forward to more time with Garry, Nikki and the boys and also a good look around the Karratha area in the next three days.

Heading toward Whim Creek

Tom and his brother Jack - Karratha