Traveling to South Australia
with the Bentleys

Trip details

Days traveling ......... : 39

Kilometers traveled.. : 7,602 (to last fill up)

Diesel consumed..... : 1,344.57 ltrs

Litres per 100 km.... : 17.69

Kilometres per Ltr ...: 5.65

Cost per kilomete .. : $0.30

Cost for fuel total... : $2,256.47

Caravan Park Fees .: $1,453.90 (to 19/10/2018 - Includes motels)

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Once again, one of us (Pammy) and the other one (Wayne) are crossing the Nullarbor on a trip to South Australia where one of us will be catching up with her half siblings.
Although this trip will be a relatively short one, lasting only five or six weeks, it is our intention to visit Kangaroo Island and Wipina Pound while we are in South Australia, and also fly our 11 year old granddaughter Leila over to join us for a week in the school holidays, so she can meet her distant cousins.
Along the way we will be taking photographs and providing updates on what we are doing, where possible on a daily basis. These will all be posted within this website so if you would like to come along with us online, just bookmark this website page and visit whenever you feel like catching up.
If you wish to drop us an email, just use the email link in the footer of each page or call us on mobile number 0417 914 754 (this is on the Optus network via iinet) or 0456 113 330 (this is the Telstra network which will often work when Optus coverage is unavailable).
We look forward to sharing our experience with you, and any comments or positive feedback you may wish to provide would be most welcome.
Now it is time for the 'Other One' to start singing a line or two of the song which goes: "Were on the road again" Mmmmm.. Maybe that isn't a good idea..!!.
Cheers, we'll see you online soon.
One of our many friendly little quendas (Southern Brown Bandicoots) that we are leaving behind for our daughter Jay to look after while we are away..

Well it’s D-Day (departure) minus 1, and the van is hooked up to the patrol, everything is checked and we are ready to roll, well almost anyway.
After spending a very pleasant lunch with friends Ric and Ailsa and many of their friends to help them celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, we are now preparing to spend our last night at home for approximately 5 to 6 weeks.
We will set off in the morning in an easterly direction, after we put our final few things in the van (if daughter Jay will give us our caravan back).
We look forward to seeing you online whilst we are away and hopefully be able to provide for you a little insight into what we are doing. Obviously what the 'Other One' will be doing is what he has told to do by 'One of Us'..
Time to hit the hay and see what tomorrow brings.

Join us on our short excursion across the Nullabor to South Australia where we visit some wonderful places and meet with others along the way. Click here to email us at any time..