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Monday 4th September 2006 to Wednesday 6th September 2006

Monday 4th September 2006

Dinner Falls, Near The Crater
Dinner Falls, Near The Crater
Millaa Millaa Falls
Millaa Millaa Falls


Zillie Falls - Millaa Millaa
Zillie Falls - Millaa Milla

After the rain we were in yesterday, it was not surprising that we woke to more drizzle this morning. However it wasn't going to stop us having a look around the area and as there had been quite some rain, we decided the waterfalls would be the ideal place to start. With this in mind we prepared for the day and departed the caravan park at about 9:15am then called in to the Information Centre and made inquiries about places to go and see before starting on our days activities.

On the way out of Atherton 'One of Us' screached out that we had to stop... We were passing the BigW store and we need an umbrella she said. So in we went for the umbrella and it is obvious the 'Other One' doesn't understand what umbrella means because we came out a short time later around $127 worse off. Yes she had two umbrellas and an armfull of other goodies as well.

With these items loaded in the Patrol we headed out of town on our way toward Ravenshoe. About 25 kilometres up the road we came to a turn off into 'The Crater' and 'Dinner Falls' so we turned in there to see what was there. After a short walk of about 500 metres through some beautiful rain forest, we came to an absolutely stunning crater. It was not very wide but had sheer granite sides dropping down into a great green pool of water. It was not possible to take photographs of the crater in any way that could give it justice, but it was something not to miss when traveling this way. We then had a 700 metre walk back to 'Dinner Falls' which was quite a sight in a dense rain forest gully.

From here we drove further out of Atherton before turning off the highway to the west where we travelled along what signs said was the 'highest road in Queensland to the highest town in Queensland' which is Ravenshoe. We had a drive through Ravenshoe before turning back to the highway and heading north for a short distance before turning east on 'Misty Mountain Drive. This drive took us through some very impresive mountainous country with dairy farms and even an electricity generating wind farm before we drove down an unsealed track into more rain forest with great views over some deep valleys. This required a bit of back tracking of part of that track before making our way through to Millaa Millaa.

From Millaa Millaa we took a short drive to Millaa Millaa Falls which required a short walk down some steps to the bottom of the falls where there is a large pool of water at the bottom of an extremely picturesque water fall. There were busses and a number of cars at this site and it is easy to understand why they come here. One traveller there stated he has been back three time in the last 16 years and believes it is the best falls he has seen around Australia, however he didn't mention which other places he had seen.

It was only a few kilometres to Zillie Falls where there was a viewing platform at the top that gave some pretty good views of the falls themselves. A few photographs were taken there before moving on to Ellinjaa Falls, just a couple of kilometres further on down the road. Here we had to walk about 500 metres down a path to the bottom of the falls where we had a good view of the water tumbling down over the rocks. More photos were taken in this location before making our way back up to the Patrol.

Ellinjaa Falls
Ellinjaa Falls - and an old bugger

It was now time to head back toward the caravan park so it was off through Millaa Millaa before turning north through Tarzall and Malanda before getting back to Atherton. On our way through Atherton 'One of Us' instructed the 'Other One' to haul up in the Woolworths carpark so she could get a loaf of bread. Yeah.... we came out of that store with a loaf of bread that cost $60... well by the time we had also picked up all the other things 'we had to have' as well.

It was then back to the caravan park which we arrived at just after 4pm. Not much time to get the website and everything else organised and it was a bit of a rush that was interupted by the need for 'Happy Hour'. Tomorrow will be a shorter day we think, with visits to locations a little closer to Atherton.

The Crater - Atherton Tablelands
The Crater - Atherton Tablelands

Tuesday 5th September 2006

Curtain Fig Tree
Curtain Fig Tree
Lake Barrine
Lake Barrine
Mobo Creek Crater
Mobo Creek Crater

Cathedral Fig Tree
Cathedral Fig Tree

Lake Tinneroo
Lake Tinaroo


Today we woke to birds calling throughout the caravan park and an overcast sky once more, but there was no rain to speak of overnight. Our plans for today were to have a shorter drive around the area and visit some of the lakes around Atherton. With this in mind we didn't rush getting ready to get on our way.

About 9:30 we departed the caravan park and headed out toward Yungaburra, however we turned off to the Curtain Fig Tree before arriving in the town. We had previously visited this tree but it was well worth returning to see this rather amazing tree and a few more photographs were gathered for our collection. We then continued on to Yungaburra where we drove around that small town for a quick look.

Next we continued east for a short distance before turning south into Lake Eacham and a stop here produced more photographs of this picturesque little lake, where we also saw some little tortoises. Into the Patrol again and back on our way east until we came to Lake Barrine where we had a walk around the Tea House and the waters edge before moving off again, traveling further east along the highway.

Our next turn off was to the north and took us along a fairly narrow road as far as the Cathedral Fig Tree where we had a 100 metre walk in to the viewing boardwalk around the tree. With trees this size it is very difficult to take photographs that show its full height and spread, but it was pretty impressive anyway.

We continued along this same track as it became an unsealed narrow road through some very impressive rain forest and our nest stop was at Mobos Creek Crater where we took the 600 metre walk around the crater bottom and back up to the Patrol on the other side. We had completed this walk on our previous visit in 2004 but considered it well worth the re-visit on this trip.

Back into the Patrol and onward to 'The Chimneys', which was the location of an old school house many years ago. From here we continued along this track as it wound its way around Lake Tinaroo and called in to several camp sites on the lake edge as we made our way around toward Tinaroo Dam. At one point we climbed to the top of a rock called Platypus Rock, but when we reached the top, we found all we could see were the tops of trees but little more.

Once we reached Tinaroo Dam we stopped again and photographs were taken from the top of the dam and then we drove to the bottom to gain a better view of the gushing water being released into the river at the bottom of dam. By this time 'One of Us' was so hungry she was chewing on the 'Other One's' ear, so he decided it was time to put the foot on the accelerator and head for food in Atherton. This took us through Kairi and Tolga before we arrived back in Atherton.

On the way through Atherton 'One of Us' saw an emergency fill up station and directed the 'Other One' into a parking area close by. He then realised it was a KFC store and she was out of the Patrol so fast the door almost fell off its hinges and on her return she had a far more satisfied look on her face. We then returned to the caravan park where we enjoyed our first real Fast Food take away meal since we left Perth about 43 days ago (and we don't think we missed a great deal in that time).

Tomorrow we intend to have a much quieter day and think we will remain around Atherton township most of the day

Tinneroo Dam water release
Tinaroo Dam water release

Wednesday 6th September 2006

The pattern seems to be set in Atherton with the morning sky being covered with a misty cloud that clears as the day wears on, however it is still shorts and T shirt weather and maybe a little humid. With no big drive or sight seeing trip planned for today we were rather relaxed and a little slower getting organised, but we can take that.

The morning started out with 'One of Us' demanding the 'Other One' get his clothes off and he was getting quite excited until he realised it was just so she could do the washing.... So with his hopes dashed once more he took the Patrol around to the vehicle washing area and gave it a long overdue wash and clean up. The Engine control light had shown its face a couple of times yesterday when traveling slow over some rough roads so the fuel filter was given a bit of a drain off in case there was any water in it and the oil and water levels checked and a little oil used to top up the sump just in case it was the cause of the sensors deciding there may have been a problem developing. This kept us occupied for the morning and part of the afternoon, along with a fair bit of chatting to others in the caravan park.

At about 2:45pm we drove out of the caravan park and did a lap or two around the town before heading off to Yungaburra for another look around that town. When we arrived there we parked in the main street of this little Heritage Village and walked around the streets gazing into shop windows (well 'One of Us' was anyway) before driving off down to the boat ramp into Lake Tinaroo. We then returned to the town centre of Yungaburra and 'One of Us' wanted to have a look through a wood carving and gift shop, and the 'Other One' gave in to her request. (That was a mistake!!!)

After browsing through this gift shop where we were able to visit the 'Woodland Fairy Den' where a huge array of fairyland figures were displayed, we left the shop with two tea towels as mementos of this town, however once outside 'One of Us' put on that "if you really loved me you would buy that teddy bear for me" face and started saying how much she loved one of the teddy bears we had seen inside the shop. Now the 'Other One' being a bloke and having a good understanding just what his options were, he chose the cowards way out and went back inside and after finding a spare (Oh yeah!!) $89 he walked out with a new addition to the family (of soft creatures)... Welcome to the Bentley family Chelsea Bentley Bear!

It was then time to high tail it out of Yungaburra before there were any other items that could catch the eye of 'She who knows how to get around him'. We arrived back at the caravan park at about 4:10pm, just in time to complete the website and get organised for Happy Hour to start at 5pm.

Tomorrows activities have yet to be decided on but at this time it may be a drive further north to Mareeba and a visit to a fruit winery or two and a coffee farm. Right now there are more important things to do... where's that wine cask, she's screaming????

Woodland Fairy Den - Yungaburra
Woodland Fairy Den - Yungaburra

Chelsea meets Rose and Charlie
Chelsea meets Molly and Charlie

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