Travelling Australia
Wayne & Pam BENTLEY

Friday 7th May 2004 to Sunday 9th May 2004

Friday 7th May 2004

Our first job this morning, after the usual chores such as getting out of bed...., was to back up all the photographs that we have taken on this trip (4,538 of them). This was the result of the computer playing up a little which although fixed for the time it was enough to cause us to make sure we don't loose any of the photographs if things fail completely. How could we bore people to tears with our slide show if we lost our photographs?

After lunch we then set of for the hills, heading for Springbrook. This was via Southport, Nerang and Mudgeeraba and on to Springbrook Road. This road would have to compare well to some that we have driven on in Tasmania, as it wound it's way up into the mountains through thick foliage, ending up in some great rainforest territory.

Around Springbrook there are a number of waterfalls and lookouts that provide views over vast valleys all the way to the high rise buildings along the Gold Coast. We stopped at the Purlingbrook Falls lookout and walked to both the viewing points. This on it's own would have been worth the drive up to Springbrook, but wait, there is more.

Yes, there was more than just those falls, we visited Canyon Lookout which has magnificent views across a very deep valley and into steep cliffs on the other side, this included a couple more waterfalls in the distance as well as views right down to the Gold Coast high rise buildings. From here we diverted to 'The Best of All Lookout' (Yes, that is what it is called). This lookout gave views across a large valley where small farming areas could be seen in amongst the thick forest timber. Once again the Gold Coast high rise buildings could be seen clearly in the distance. It was overcast all day but the views were great anyway, if it had been a clear day it would have been even more magnificent.

We returned to the Caravan Park via the Nerang Murwillumbah Road which travels through the Lamington National Park. It was just another great day, we seem to having a lot of those on this trip.

In the meantime a parcel has arrived and is addressed to Pam Bentley - Maybe Mothers Day will be the right day to open it, that is if I can keep her hands off it until then. Tomorrow we intend to visit Movie World if we can, but right now there are more important things on the agenda, it is after six o'clock and 'one of us' is calling for a cold drink.

Purling Falls - Springbrook

Part of the view from Canyon lookout

Saturday 8th May 2004

The Gold Coast, Beautiful one day, a little humid the next, then raining the next, but warm all the time, day or night . It is not much wonder the surrounds and mountains are so green and lush. It started raining about midnight last night and did not stopped since.

This caused a change in our plans for the day as we were told that a large number of the events at Movie World take place outdoors and that would mean getting very wet, not such a great idea for oldies like us. It would have been a great day for Wet & Wild, but that doesn't appear to be our scene either. So our decision was to try Movie World on Monday instead.

We did go out for a while in the morning to visit Pacific Fair, the largest shopping centre in Queensland, but after a while 'one of us' couldn't find anything to buy and as it wasn't all under the one roof, we decided we had had enough shopping for the day, as it was still raining, we headed off back to the caravan park.

During the afternoon 'one of us' did our washing and naturally enough dried it in the drier. When I went to see if my assistance was needed, I found her chatting up a young fellow in the laundry (says they were talking about football...). The 'other one' completed the extremely strenuous activity of reading the paper, all whilst it continued to pour.

Then it was a matter of relaxing in the caravan and getting mentally prepared to cook the roast lamb for dinner. Hopefully it will be fine tomorrow for our visit to Les and Patti Nash's home in Brisbane.

The Days activities
Preparing to cook the Roast Lamb for dinner!

Sunday 9th May 2004 Mothers Day

Mothers Day today and it started off with 'one of us' staying in bed whilst the other one made the cup of tea and biscuits (Have to admit that was a change of roles!)

After a good long chat with the people next door that were leaving the caravan park today, we finally headed off for Brisbane to meet up with Patti and Les Nash for the day. Thanks to some pretty good directions provided by Patti we arrived at their house around 11:30am and were made extremely welcome. It was great see them after almost thirty years and to find they haven't really changed.

After a cup of coffee, we all set off in Les's new Ford Sedan that had all things that open and shut. We drove along the ocean front then to a local workers club (although non of us work!) where they shouted us to lunch. We then drove into Brisbane and up into the hills where we we able to look out over Brisbane City and most of the surrounding suburbs, right through to the mountains in the distance. From there we drove back into the city and stopped at the Casino. While Les tried his luck on the pokies, Patti took us on a very informative walking tour of the city centre. We then returned to the casino where we viewed Les's luck and unfortunately it was all bad, before they shouted us to dinner in the Casino.

It was then time to return to their house where we said our goodbyes and set off back to the caravan park in the Patrol. We didn't arrive back at the caravan until about 8:15pm. This was too late to get the web site prepared and uploaded in our free mobile phone time, so for those looking for the update, sorry it is late, but as the saying goes, better late then never.

'One of us' was very pleased to have heard from all three of her babies (well they were once!) over the course of the day. Tomorrow we intend to make our postponed visit to Movie World.

Les, Pammy and Patty